Belt type

Choose the correct belt type for your production

Polyester weave

Polyester weave with a PVC / polyurethane top layer. Can be fitted with, or without, different kinds of flights from 6 mm to 100 mm, with different distances depending on product and transport increase.
bandtyper polyester

Plastic Modular Belt

For tougher applications, service-friendly, reliable and insensitive to humid environments. Flexible even for knife crossings. Can be fitted with, or without, flights of different models.
bandtyper plastmodulband

Homogenous polyurethane belt

Used primarily in the food industry and industries where hygiene requirements are high. Allows fast and efficient cleaning from all angles. The smooth surface of the belt reduces the risk of bacterial growth. Complies with the requirements of the food industry today.
bandtyper homogent polyuretanband

Steel mesh belt

When transporting details where passable air, cold, heat or liquid flow is desired. Available in a variety of designs in steel or stainless steel.
bandtyper stålnätband